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Heels over head

2015, 06 16

Aerobatics are very safe—when performed in an appropriate place by a qualified pilot flying a suitable airplane.

Almost beyond belief

2015, 06 01

What could possibly account for the crash of a meticulously maintained P-51 flown by an expert pilot in beautiful weather?

No place like home

2015, 05 18

The last few miles are just as dangerous as any others--especially if you're scud running at night.

False economies

2015, 04 27

The desire for a bargain shouldn't lead aircraft buyers to cut corners.

Shifting priorities

2015, 04 13

Even if you bother computing weight and balance, the results can't be trusted any more than you can trust the airplane's payload to stay in the places you put it.

Almost correct

2015, 04 02

Apparently minor discrepancies can have immense repercussions.

Borrowing trouble

2015, 03 26

Teaching yourself to fly an unfamiliar airplane is daring enough. Teaching yourself to fly an unfamiliar homebuilt when you haven't flown in a decade practically invites catastrophe.

Departure procedure

2015, 03 17

There are no easy answers as to why a Beech Debonair flown by three airline transport pilots crashed immediately after takeoff in February 2014.

Out of his hands

2015, 03 03

Autopilots are handy, but you'd better be able to fly the airplane by hand. You just might have to.

Advantages foregone

2015, 02 19

In flight, you want everything possible working to your advantage.