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2012, 10 31

Sometimes, aircraft and their pilots just simply disappear and are never seen again.

Nighttime VFR into IMC proves deadly

2012, 08 02

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Too long, too far

2012, 07 02

If they’re lucky, pilots learn their limits by discovering they’re too tired to fly after they’re safely back on the ground.

Severe weather leads to King Air's in-flight break up

2012, 06 15

The inherent limitations of light aircraft limit their usefulness for travel. Money cures a lot of this, of course. More power and approved de-icing can make climbing through the freezing layers a realistic strategy. Once you’ve worked up to turbine power and a pressurized cabin, holding a comfortable altitude over mountains is no longer much of an issue; add in on-board radar, and far fewer flights should need to be scrubbed for weather. But there will still be stuff you can’t climb over and don’t want to try to plow through.

Over and under

2012, 05 04

Whether student or certificated pilot, the aviator who’s overconfident but underskilled tends to come nose-to-nose with uncompromising reality. Often that encounter isn’t gentle.

It's not that different

2012, 04 06

Even in Alaska, though, some aspects of aviation work just about the same as anywhere else. If lift doesn’t exceed weight, you won’t be taking off. If angle of attack exceeds its critical value, you’ll stall. And willpower alone won’t overcome those facts.

No room to maneuver

2012, 03 16

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Invisible obstacles

2012, 03 02

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Lessons Lost

2012, 01 06

In any field, learning from one’s mistakes is essential to improvement. In some, it’s crucial to survival. In motorcycling, dubious decisions can exact their cost in blood within seconds. In aviation, things rarely go bad quite that fast, but errors in judgment can be even more catastrophic.

It only takes one

2011, 12 16

Perhaps the most baffling of all aviation accidents are the ones in which a skilled pilot flies a highly capable aircraft into a hillside.