Pilot Safety Announcements

Taking a cue from televised public service announcements, these short videos are meant to raise awareness of common accident causes. After watching, check out the list of resources below each video for tips on avoiding accidents.

Living on the Edge

Don't let convective turbulence bring you down.


Cockpit distractions can be deadly. Fly the airplane, not the panel.

Its A Drag


Fly safely to your next vacation destination by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

Flying BlindFlying Blind

Don’t try this at home!

178 seconds178 Seconds to Live

Don't be lured into the trap.

Its A Drag

It's a Drag

Sometimes it's not smart to dress in layers.

Rundown FeelingRundown Feeling

Being distracted while taxiing can have devastating consequences.

Phone HomePhone Home

It won't be a pleasant conversation.

School DazeSchool Daze

 Just when you thought it was safe to sleep through ground school...

Fuel Management

Would You Fly This Airline?

What if the airlines handled fuel management the way some GA pilots do?

Hybrid PowerHybrid Power

They’re just trying to save the planet. What’s your excuse?

Real Aviation HeroesReal Aviation Heroes

This is one hero you don't want to emulate.