Turbo Medical

Many pilots don't realize a potential problem in obtaining a medical certificate until they are completing the application in their aviation medical examiner's office. A new medication, a visit to a health care specialist for an evaluation, or a medical condition not previously reported, all require some level of additional documentation before a medical certificate can be issued.

AOPA has developed this interactive medical application planning tool in an effort to help members identify potential problems and deal with them before the visit to the AME.

TurboMedical® duplicates the FAA Form 8500-8 Application for Airman Medical Certificate (and Student Pilot Certificate) that you complete each time you renew your medical certificate, with one important difference. Using the interactivity of TurboMedical® allows you to identify medical conditions or medications that will require additional documentation for the FAA. Having the necessary records with you when you see the AME can save you weeks of being grounded if your application is otherwise deferred to the FAA for review.

After you have completed the application, you can choose to save your responses for future reference so you will always know what you reported on your previous application. AOPA maintains your medical information utilizing the most up to date security procedures in the industry. You have access to your information all day anytime so you can make changes prior to your next FAA and print the form to take to your aviation medical examiner.

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