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The Best of ‘Never Again’ Vol. 2 - NEW!

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For more than 50 years, AOPA members have shared lessons they learned while flying in “AOPA Pilot” magazine’s monthly “Never Again” column. The authors share these stories to educate, inform, and entertain their fellow pilots, and what they have shared over the decades has helped countless aviators. Because “The Best of Never Again, Vol. 1” was so popular, AOPA has compiled another 25 of the best “Never Again” stories from the past two decades into an eBook for your enjoyment and continued learning.

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Flight Training's Training Tips - NEW!

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Since the AOPA ePilot Flight Training Edition newsletter debuted in 2001, it has opened with practical and popular “Training Tips.” Veteran flight instructor and aviation author Dan Namowitz has presented such diverse topics as landings, icing, and aircraft documentation in an engaging, thought-provoking way—all while casually pointing the reader to more information for even greater in-depth study. Whether you’re a new student learning a topic for the first time, an experienced pilot looking to stay sharp, or an instructor who wants a new way to teach an old topic, you will enjoy this first-ever eBook compilation.

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The Best of ‘Never Again’ Vol. 1

More than 50 years after “Never Again” was first published in AOPA Pilot, it remains among the most popular content in the magazine. The education, training, and entertainment from these pages is crafted by hapless AOPA members who have courageously decided to share their experiences so we all can learn from their experiences. Countless pilots may have been saved by the “Never Again” stories they have read in AOPA Pilot. Now you can benefit from the material in a new way. For the first time ever AOPA has compiled some of the best “Never Again” stories of the past two decades into an eBook for your enjoyment and continued learning.

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The Best of ‘Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents’ Vol. 1

Flying should be fun, safe, and life-enhancing. Or it can be life-threatening or life-ending. Aviation lets us see and do things that most other people never get to experience. Just remember that safe is never the equivalent of risk free. Manage that risk intelligently and you’ll fly safely for a long time. One way to manage that risk is to learn from others’ mistakes. “Safety Pilot Landmark Accidents,” appearing regularly in AOPA Pilot, dissects accidents to show you what can go wrong from a pilot’s perspective and provides tips on how to avoid a similar scenario. Now, you can peruse these reports in a new eBook and ponder the learning points each accident has to offer.

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