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Rotorcraft Rookie: Second chance at a first passenger

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 07 07

Can you have two first passengers? A new helicopter pilot takes his first passenger 15 years after the first experience in an airplane.

Rotorcraft Rookie: 10 lessons from learning to fly helicopters

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 06 05

Of the hundreds of things one learns during a helicopter add-on course, these are 10 of the most important themes.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Checkride success

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 05 21

It all comes down to the checkride, the pressure-cooker flight and oral exam that pits the student against himself.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Do helicopters stall?

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 05 08

Helicopter pilots don't work on stalls the same way airplane pilots do, but the possiblity is every bit as real.

Rotorcraft Rookie: New landing sites

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 04 23

Public-use heliports aren't very plentiful, but those that are offer unique capabilities and a fun challenge.

Rotorcraft Rookie: The best study materials

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 04 01

Although there may be more books and reference materials in the fixed-wing world, most helicopter study materials are really well done.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Round and round he goes

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 03 20

Solo practice in a helicopter is restricted to more or less pounding the pattern.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Robinson factory tour

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 03 13

Touring an aircraft factory is the only way to see everything that goes into your flying machine.

Rotorcraft Rookie: First solo

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 03 03

Can there be such a thing as a second first solo? A fixed-wing pilot tests the theory in a helicopter.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Advanced autorotations

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 02 20

One second in a Robinson R22 could mean the difference between life and death.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Night flight

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 02 06

Flying a helicopter at night takes more planning than it does in an airplane, but the rewards can be even sweeter.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Time to go somewhere

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 01 30

Try a cross-country with only a compass and map for navigation, mental math calculations instead of using an E6B, and hitting checkpoints every five miles.

Rotorcraft Rookie: The world is a playground

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 01 16

Helicopters can operate in and out of some small landing sites.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Up, up and away

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2014, 01 01

Helicopters are made to be able to take off and land vertically. But doing so can actually be a dangerous maneuver.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Falling like a rock

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 12 24

Believe it or not, helicopters do continue to fly after an engine failure--sort of.

Rotorcraft Rookie: Fixing airplane habits

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 12 12

One of the key challenges for airplane pilots transitioning to helicopters is unlearning airplane habits.

Rotorcraft Rookie: The crazy takeoff

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 12 05

Helicopter training is generally very safe. So why do run-on takeoffs and landings feel so wrong?

Rotorcraft Rookie: In control

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 11 27

If you are going to learn to fly a helicopter you first have to learn how to control it.

Keep it welded to the pole

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 11 20

Learning how to hover a helicopter, or how to fly on a balance beam.

A lean machine

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 11 20

The Robinson R22 is a fun and unique helicopter that is perfectly suited to training.

Rotorcraft Rookie: A new beginning

Rotorcraft Rookie | 2013, 11 08

A longtime fixed-wing pilot takes his first step to learning how to fly helicopters.