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Ask Congress to Oppose ATC "Privatization"Ask Congress to Oppose ATC “Privatization"

The House of Representatives is considering a vote on H.R. 2997, the 21st Century AIRR Act, which would remove air traffic control from the FAA and turn it over to the airlines.

Privatization would cost tens of billions of dollars and airlines could dictate policy at the expense of general aviation and rural communities. Additionally, costs would go up for every traveler, and a privatized ATC would be inherently “too big to fail,” resulting in taxpayer bailouts.

In the past, the government has unsuccessfully tried to create nonprofit, industry-controlled monopolies like Amtrak and the Postal Service—don’t let them do the same thing to our skies.

You can help by donating to the AOPA Advocacy Fund, and 100 percent of your contributions will be used toward the campaign to fight air traffic control privatization.

AOPA needs your help now more than ever. Privatization would:

  • Threaten the safest, busiest, and most complex airspace in the world.
  • Create a "too big to fail" monopoly that will need taxpayer bailouts.
  • Cost tens of billions of dollars.
  • Disproportionately hurt rural America and general aviation.
  • Increase costs for both travelers and taxpayers.
  • Not affect airline delays—80 percent are caused by airlines and weather.
  • Hurt general aviation—similar reforms in other countries have led to a decline in GA.
  • Bring on unintended consequences and risks; there is no consensus for HR 2997.

As Capt. Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger asked: "Why would we hand over the keys to the kingdom to the airlines?"

Have the facts and solutions at the ready when discussing with friends and family. Download our Emergency ATC Privatization Checklist.

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