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Fit to FlyBasicMed Physician Guide

Treating BasicMed patients

AOPA has worked closely for years with the FAA and the medical community to bring about a new medical qualification for private pilots that reduces bureaucratic burden, will save millions of dollars annually, and strengthen the pilot-physician relationship by encouraging regular and frank discussions between flyer and doctor. The FAA refers to the new rule as BasicMed and AOPA has developed a suite of resources called Fit to Fly to help pilots and physicians through the process.

What is BasicMed?

BasicMed is a new medical qualification for private pilots operating certain types of small aircraft for recreational purposes. Participating pilots are required to complete a medical self-assessment checklist and receive a comprehensive medical examination by a state-licensed physician. BasicMed improves aviation safety by increasing a pilot’s self-awareness of medical conditions that may impact the operation an aircraft and by strengthening the physician-patient relationship.

The Role of the Physician

Participating pilots will present to their physician a completed medical self-assessment checklist developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The physician will complete a physical examination and affirm the absence of any medical condition that could interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft. Physicians will exercise their discretion to address any medical conditions identified and to determine if any tests are needed.

Conditions Requiring Additional Attention

The regulations do not permit individuals with select mental health, neurological and cardiovascular conditions to participate in BasicMed without first obtaining a special issuance medical certificate from the FAA. For medical conditions, as determined by a physician, that may interfere with the safe operation of an aircraft, physicians shall exercise medical discretion and develop a treatment plan to enable the individual to qualify for BasicMed at a future date.



Certain medications are not safe to be used at all while flying and others require a reasonable waiting period after use. AOPA is working with the FAA to determine exactly how medication regulations will apply to BasicMed pilots.

Fit to Fly Medication Resource

For More Information

For more details, contact the AOPA Pilot Information Center at 800.USA.AOPA (872.2672) Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time or click here to contact us. For a more in-depth review, consider enrolling in AOPA’s Pilot Protection Services program.


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