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No matter the reason for your purchase; whether you're buying an airplane for your business or simply for personal use, AOPA Aviation Finance can find you the right financing for new and used aircraft.

AOPA Aviation Finance Offers:

The most comprehensive and competitive loan structures which include fixed or adjustable rates, 5-20 year terms and convenient auto pay options

Access to over a dozen aircraft lenders with the ability to finance everything from Piston Singles to Light Jets and everything in between

Streamlined application process with fast decisions coming from our financial partners; typically 1-2 business days

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Aicraft Type
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{{minimumdp || "15%"}} minimum down payment.
Interest Rate:
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Term (max. 20 years):
Plane Type
{{title || "Piston Single"}}
Loan Amount
{{calculator.dpisolate || '$127,500'}}
Down Payment
Interest Rate
{{calculator.term}} years
Monthly Payments by Term
20 Year
$827.42 - $988.51
15 Year
$995.03 - $1,146.01
10 Year
$1,339.91 - $1,480.38

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