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AOPA Best Aircraft Showdown

Best GA Aircraft Ever? Madness!

In the spirit of the NCAA's March Madness, AOPA is giving 64 aircraft a shot at the title of "best aircraft" in the third annual Best Aircraft Showdown bracket. No money, no prizes—the aircraft are competing. You vote for your favorite general aviation aircraft through a series of head-to-head matchups.

Starting March 18, AOPA will present a list of matchups of some of the greatest aircraft on the face of the Earth. To vote, log in with your AOPA Online username and password, or register for a free account. Once signed in, review and vote on each pairing, and then submit your selection. Another matchup will be presented until all the day's matches are completed. Come back daily to vote for the next round and help your favorite aircraft progress to the next level in hopes of being declared the favorite aircraft.

Vote Here Voting Dates
  • Round 1 (March 18 and 19) - 16 matches/day
  • Round 2 (March 20 and 21) - 8 matches/day
  • Round of 16 (March 25 and 26) - 4 matches/day
  • Round of 8 (March 27 and 28) - 4 matches, 2 days
  • Semi Finals (March 31 and April 1) - 2 matches, 2 days
  • Championship (April 6) - 5 days of voting