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Weather Wise: Ceiling and Visibility
Flight Scenarios

If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 version 9.1 or above, download these scenarios to get hands-on experience "flying" in some of the conditions discussed in free online course, Weather Wise: Ceiling and Visibility; available through the AOPA Online Safety Center.

It's simple. Click on the download button below. Then select open, unzip. This will launch a self-extracting zip file. When prompted, choose unzip. The download is complete.

To fly the scenarios:

  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Choose Select a Flight from the menu on the left
  • Under Choose a Category, highlight Weather Wise Scenarios
  • Under Choose a Flight, select one of the three Weather Wise Scenarios
Download zip file

Scenario 1

Scenario 1

You are departing on a day VFR cross-country flight from KSEZ to KFLG. Your en route altitude is planned to be 7,500' MSL. The ceilings and visibility are less than you're used to, but the weather is forecast to stay VFR. Try it out and see how it looks.
Quick facts:
VFR flight
Cruise altitude = 7,500'
Departure time = Day

Scenario 2

Scenario 2

This is a night VFR flight from KPCM to KTPF. The weather is good: unlimited visibility and a ceiling of 3,000'. It's a good night to fly. Try it and see what happens.
Quick facts:
VFR flight
Cruise altitude = 2,500'
Departure time = Night

Scenario 3

Scenario 3

Your route of flight is KAZO to KBEH. Leaving early in the morning you expect fog but it always burns off as the day progresses. The forecast is for clear skies and visibility greater than six miles. Just in case the forecast conditions take longer to develop than planned, you will make this flight at 2,000'. Try it and see how it looks.
Quick facts:
VFR flight
Cruise altitude = 2,000'
Departure time = Dawn

[Weather/Scenery/...... aspect of use] courtesy of Microsoft Flight Simulator from Microsoft Corporation.

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