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Aircraft ownership and maintenance

Continental’s War on Camshaft Gears

Correction: AOPA has corrected a statement regarding Continental’s mandatory service bulletin and FAA airworthiness directive activity. The FAA has confirmed that it has not received any communications from Continental seeking an airworthiness directive. AOPA regrets the error. At the end of March 2017, Continental Motors issued Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB05-8B that would require tens of ...
Aircraft ownership and maintenance

It’s Baffling

The email from a Cessna T210 owner read: I recently had my engine rebuilt and had a new baffle kit installed. The CHTs for cylinders #5 and #6 are always 20ºF to 30ºF hotter than the rest. During climb the difference gets even bigger. Cylinder #5 and #6 CHTs are very difficult to keep below ...
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