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Mexico APIS ProceduresMexico APIS Procedures

Private pilots can now file their own Mexican APIS

At the request of AOPA, Rick Gardner, Caribbean Sky Tours, has been working with the Mexican government to ease the burden faced by general aviation pilots for filing a Mexican APIS. A third party is no longer required for filing APIS; private general aviation pilots can now file the form, themselves.

He reports: We recently received an Official Clarification Letter from INM in response to our official inquiry on Mexico's APIS sent to INM in April 2014. The document explains some of the misconceptions that exist in the industry and it is the first written answer we have received from the Mexican government so far.

This is a summary of the letter:

  • APIS was mandatory as of January 01, 2014.
  • Fines range from US $5,000 to US $50,000.
  • The program was managed centrally until June, 2014 when training began at the regional level.
  • A new, interim process is now available for private general aviation flights that does not require a third party portal. Also, the timing requirements for when manifests have to be filed have been modified.
  • Work continues by the Mexican government on a free, public portal for filing APIS for general aviation flights.

Additional details:

  • ARINC service will no longer be necessary for private general aviation flights.
  • APIS submission for the time being, until the public internet portal is available, can be done by sending the APIS spreadsheet (an Excel document) to [email protected]. A "help sheet" is available for pilots filling out the spreadsheet. Click here to see the spreadsheet.
  • Once the APIS spreadsheet is filled out, it must be emailed to [email protected] within 24 hours of departure. You must then re-send the same form to confirm your flight to [email protected] 30 minutes prior to takeoff. You will receive a reply from Mexican Immigration that the mainfest has been received.
  • Work continues on a more functional, free INM portal. We will continue to follow up on the status of the portal and let you know when it is available.