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Specifications for Neuropsychological EvaluationSpecifications for Neuropsychological Evaluation

Mental Health—Specifications for Neuropsychological Evaluation

The FAA often requests a neuropsychological evaluation in cases involving head injuries, substance abuse, strokes, or other situations in which there is evidence of psychiatric or psychological pathology.  The testing should be conducted by a qualified psychologist who is specifically trained to perform cognitive testing, and preferably holding state licensing or certification with a Ph. D. or Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology.

The report should contain a detailed psychological evaluation based upon a battery of psychological tests.  The battery should include:

  1. MMPI-2
  3. Memory Test, including one of the following:    
    1. Wechsler Memory Scale – Third Edition
    2. Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
  4. Trails Making Test (A&B)
  5. Category Test (booklet or machine)
  6. Sensory-Motor Screening
  7. Language Functioning Test, including one of the following:
    1. Speech Sounds Perception Test
    2. Aphasia Screening Test

The administering psychologist may select the appropriate tests in items 3 and 7 above, based upon his or her experience and considering the patient’s particular case history.

In some cases, the FAA may also request the COGSCREEN Aviation Edition as a component of the neuropsychological evaluation.  COGSCREEN is a computer based cognitive test that may be used in conjunction with the other elements of the neuropsychological evaluation to determine medical certificate eligibility.

How/Where to Submit to the FAA

Helps you find the contact information for submitting your medical records.

Updated April 2016