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AOPA Members Only Login FAQs

Troubleshooting Tips

I got an authentication message, but now I'm back at the login page!

If your browser loops you back to this screen after showing the "congratulations" message, then try the following actions (please review all steps before proceeding):

  1. Click on the Login Without a Cookie (right side of this page, above).
  2. Fill in your username and password.
  3. Click on Member Profile (at the bottom of the page).
  4. Click on Login Without a Cookie (if needed).
  5. Click on Disable Login Cookie link on the right side.
  6. Close the browser.
  7. Restart the browser and come back to the AOPA Web site.
  8. Login With a Cookie to reach the Members Only section.

I've forgotten my login information!

With the "hint" system you can retrieve the password hint you entered at the time of registration. If you or an AOPA staff member has already personalized your username or password you may check your hint now!

If you registered with AOPA Online before April 25, 2000, you will NOT have a "hint" unless you have updated your user information using the new AOPA login system. If you have not yet updated your member profile or spoken to an AOPA staff member, you will most likely have the following username and password:

USERNAME: 8-digit AOPA Member number (no spaces or check digits, include leading zeros)
PASSWORD: Last Name (case-sensitive, try UPPER, lower, or Mixed Case)

If your hint says Auto-Generated password, then the password was e-mailed to the address we have on file for you and will not show here. If we do not have an e-mail address for you, or we have an old one, please call our Member Services department at 800/872-2672.

Why can't I access the Members Only section?

You must be a registered AOPA member in order to access this section. If you are not an AOPA member but would like to join, please join AOPA. If you are already an AOPA member but have not yet registered for the site or received a password through e-mail, Register now!.

You might be using an incorrect username and password. View our help section titled "I've forgotten my login information!"

Your software may be causing the difficulties. We recommend that members employ the most current browser software available. We have provided links that allow members to download the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. There are also some known bugs with certain browsers. Here are our recommended fixes:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (using non-cookie login)
If you are certain that you are typing the correct information but are still denied access, try this fix.

  1. Type a series of random characters into both the username and password blocks.
  2. Press enter; you will receive a failure message
  3. Now, enter your correct login information.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and do not see the non-cookie login box, the solution may be found in the browser settings.

  1. Using the menu system at the top of the browser, choose "Tools" > "Internet Options" > "Security" Tab (the tab found at the top of the dialog box) > then select the "Custom Level" button found near the bottom of the dialog.
  2. Scroll down to the "User Authentication Setting" found near the bottom of the list.
  3. Change the selection to: Automatic Logon only in Intranet zone OR Prompt for Username and Password. Select "OK" then confirm your selection again when the dialog appears. Click "OK" again.
  4. Return to the login screen and enter your login information.

    Firewalls are another source of frustration for members trying to enter the Members Only portion of AOPA Online. If you are accessing from WORK, your network administrator may have configured firewall settings to block access to any site with a username and password. If you think this might be the case, contact your company's network administrator to obtain access.

    If you are accessing from home you may be using a personal firewall program such as Norton Internet Security. This is not unusual for users whose connection is through cable modems or other direct links to the Internet such as DSL. In order to gain access to the authenticated portion of the site, these firewall settings must be adjusted; please check with the manufacturer of your firewall for specific instructions.

    I have "cookie" questions.

    Are you wondering, what is a cookie and what will it do for me? Visit our special online explanation of "cookies" to find out all you wanted to know about how they help you to navigate the Web site!

    Are you having difficulty using our Cookie Login option? Your browser may not be enabled to accept cookies. Since each browser differs in how you access and change these settings, we've compiled some directions on how to set your cookies for the most popular browsers.

    If you still encounter difficulties after adjusting your cookie settings, try this instead:

    1. Use the non-cookie login.
    2. After you've sucessfully logged in, visit your "Member Profile" page, found at the bottom of most pages.
    3. Click the link labeled Troubleshoot login cookie problems. This will give you a quick display listing of your browser settings as well as a button to "Create a Login Cookie." Go ahead and click that button to install a cookie on your system.

    Do you already have a cookie from the AOPA Online system and wish to delete it? Visit our "Member Profile" page, found at the bottom of most pages. Click the link labeled Disable your login cookie. This will disable your "cookie," which is just a small text file containing your username and password that the system accesses instead of requiring you to type it in each time.

    How can I contact my Internet service provider (ISP)?

    If you need to contact your ISP directly for information on your browser or system, here are some customer service numbers that may be of assistance:

    America Online, AOL — 800/827-6364
    CompuServe — 800/848-8990
    Microsoft Network — 800/386-5550
    Netscape Support — 800/411-0707

    To take best advantage of this site's features, we recommend:Click on a logo to download the latest browser versions.
    Download Netscape Now! Get Microsoft Internet Explorer

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