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AOPA Magazines AppAOPA Magazines App

The AOPA Mags app provides easy access to the Enhanced Digital Editions of AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines on your iPad and other iOS devices. In order to access the magazines, you must be a digital subscriber. It allows downloading and offline reading of your magazines, with simple swipe-and-pinch navigation, although you will need an Internet connection to view videos, slideshows, and other extended content.

Digital subscribers can download the free app from Apple’s App Store

AOPA Mags for iOS has received a major update that includes an improved user interface and compatibility with Apple’s iOS 8.

all users must login in in order to access all the features of the app

Logging into the App

You must have a digital subscription to an AOPA magazine in order to access content in the app. To log in, enter your AOPA website username and password.

this home screen allows you to find the issue you want to read

Using the Homepage

Tap “Read” to read an issue online. Tap “Download” to download an issue to your device. A progress bar shows the download’s status. After the issue is downloaded, the Download button becomes “Delete”—tap this when you wish to remove an issue from your device’s memory. “Update” will add any changes to your downloaded issue. Tap any cover to access that issue; swipe up and down the page to see all available issues.

If you subscribe to two AOPA magazines—say, AOPA Pilot and Flight Training—you will see both titles on your home screen. Tap any cover to open that issue. Tap the “See All” icon near the lower right of your screen to move the title in the secondary screen position into the primary screen.

use the top toolbar to navigate through each magazine issue

Top Toolbar

Tap any page to make the top toolbar appear. To close an issue, press the “X” on the right side of the top toolbar. Other features on the top toolbar are, from left:

  • Magazine page view (tap a page, or tap X to exit)
  • Link to the current issue’s table of contents
  • Tap the magnifying glass to search all digital issues if online, and downloaded issues if offline
  • Page number(s) you’re currently viewing. Enter a page number to view that page
  • Tap the chain to see all hypertext links, to other pages in the digital edition or to external websites
  • Tap the people to share your current page view via Twitter, Facebook, or email
  • Tap the ? to contact AOPA or view a user guide
  • Tap the “X” to close the current issue and return to the home screen
the left menu allows you to navigate anywhere in the app

Left Toolbar

Tap the icon at upper left to open the left toolbar.

“View Downloaded” will show only issues you have downloaded to your device, while “View All” shows all issues you can access (your device must be connected to the Internet). You may choose between “Vie as Grid” and “View as List.” This toolbar also offers easy access to AOPA’s RSS news feed, AOPA.ORG, and AOPA Live.

Tap the icon again to close the menu.

click on a video button to play a video represented in a article

Playing Videos

When you are viewing an AOPA digital magazine online, tapping on this icon will launch a video, slideshow, or other rich content accompanying the story. Your iOS device must be connected to the Internet to access this extra content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to download a magazine?

The magazine’s file size averages 40 megabytes. Download time will depend on your Internet connection speed. We recommend using a WiFi connection to download each new issue.

Can I read an issue offline (without an Internet connection)?

Yes, but you will need to download the issue to your device first. When reading offline you cannot access videos, slideshows, Websites, or other additional content.

How much does the AOPA Mags app cost?

There is no cost to download the AOPA Mags app. However, you must be an AOPA member with a digital magazine subscription in order to access content within the app.

How can I start a digital subscription?

Go online and follow the steps to add a digital subscription to your membership, or to convert your print magazine subscription to a digital subscription. To log in to a digital edition, simply use your AOPA website username and password.

Additional questions?

Call 1-800-USA-AOPA (2672) or email [email protected]. For technical support, email [email protected]