Airports Day at Summit is Friday, October 11

Join us as AOPA’s Government Affairs Team hosts its second annual “Airports Day” at the Aviation Summit! Participate in a very special series of informative sessions designed for anyone interested in how to run an airport to benefit aviators and the whole community. If you are an airport manager or employee, airport commissioner, or a active supporter of your local airport, this is your day!

  • Industry, federal, and state experts will share their guidance and expertise on issues common to GA airports
  • Learn more about free aviation industry resources that can help make your airport healthier, safer, better maintained, and more financially sound
  • Find out how you can work with the airport community to minimize conflict, maximize communication, and foster public support for your airport

These interactive sessions will facilitate a dialogue amongst airport managers, government agencies and airport community leaders—a unique opportunity you won’t want to miss.

FAA Airports – View from the Top

Join us for an informal conversation with Ben DeLeon, the FAA’s incoming Deputy Associate Administrator for Airports about concerns from the Airports office and issues affecting General Aviation Airports.

Promote your Airport to Protect it

Well-managed, forward thinking airports are important economic and transportation assets for their communities, and, in many cases, generate significant revenue.  Learn about effectively engaging airport users and neighbors to minimize conflict, maximize communication, foster strong support, and keep your airport healthy.

  • Learn effective techniques to engage the airport community (users and neighbors) to create acceptance and support for important airport operations
  • Hear about innovative means of enhancing airport revenues, including non-aeronautical sources of revenue – healthy revenues mean a healthy airport.
  • Understand causes of airport/community problems that lead to closure or restriction efforts – encroachment, noise, safety, etc.
  • Seize opportunities to promote the airport with local officials, community and business leaders, and neighbors

Airport Planning – It’s Not Just the Airport

Successful airport planning requires active participation by many local stakeholders: airport users, business owners, elected officials and neighbors. Inclusive planning is key to success!

  • Understand contemporary expectations for community involvement
  • Be attuned to projects and initiatives that benefit from broad community involvement and acceptance (master and facility planning, major projects, governing documents)
  • Learn about successful techniques for including airport stakeholders in planning processes (round tables, open houses, design charretes, creating advisory groups for users and neighbors)
  • Finances are critical, and public-use airports can receive funding from a variety of sources – understand what’s available to your airport, and how the process works

You’re not Alone - Resources that Focus on Community Airports

So you’re the airport manager – Now what?  Learn more about where you can turn to get help on best practices for managing your airport

  • Airports 101 – Where to go for Resources and Allies
  • Airports Cooperative Research Program

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