Rally rocks Airportfest

By Mike Collins

Persistent rain showers did not dampen the spirits of AOPA Aviation Summit guests attending Rock ‘n Rally at Hartford-Brainard Airport on Sept. 23. The event was part of Summit’s Airportfest.

Guests were able to sample a variety of cuisine from several Hartford restaurants, which served their specialties to pilots from around the country.

The music of Connecticut band Out of Touch occasionally was accented by the sounds of aircraft departing the airport. Among the couples dancing to the band’s classic rock and soul tunes were Gene and Laura Poppel of Pottstown, Pa.—newlyweds who were married only five days earlier.

Signs welcome visitors to Rock n Rally

Couples dance during a break in the rain

Early diners enjoy food and appetizers

AOPA President Craig Fuller talks with a guest

The band Out of Touch plays for the crowd

AirportFests Rock n Rally winds down

Newlyweds Laura and Gene Poppel dance

September 24, 2011

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