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Connected, but unplugged

The flight plan from your iPad appears on your multifunction display. A maintenance shop accesses post-flight engine diagnostics instantly. A pilot diverting for weather alerts family waiting at the airport via text messages using the Iridium satellite network, and makes arrangements for pickup at the alternate before touching down.


Found Aircraft lands certificates for three variants

Found Found Aircraft added turbocharging and a taildragger configuration, and landed certificates for three new variations on the Expedition (formerly the Expedition 350) - an aircraft built for back country and big city flying.


UFO sighting: Don Newman

ufo Astute attendees of AOPA Aviation Summit may have noticed a number of UFOs among the taildraggers, turboprops, and other familiar airframes around the Palm Springs, Calif., convention center.


iPad 101: 5 tips for the novice

ipad Thinking of buying an iPad, or turning yours into a flying tool? Check out these five tips from Sporty's Vice President John Zimmerman.


Heard at Summit

aopa aviation summit 2012 Find out what people had to say at AOPA Aviation Summit in this highlight of some of the notable quotes heard during the show.


Adverse condition alerts ping pilots after briefings

lockheed martin Lockheed Martin Flight Services announced a flight planning and briefing Web portal Oct. 12 that allows pilots to sign up for alerts of adverse conditions that crop up along their flight plan after they've obtained a briefing.

Read More >> sponsors 2012-2013 Bahamas Pilot Challenge

Bahamas has teamed up with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to give pilots a little extra incentive to visit the islands, about 45 miles east of Florida.


Tips and secrets from 'Flying Wild Alaska' pilots

Wild Alaska The Discovery Channel's "Flying Wild Alaska" pilots - John Ponts, Doug Stewart, and Luke Hickerson - traveled south to Palm Springs, Calif., for AOPA Aviation Summit to share flying tips with pilots and encourage future aviators. AOPA asked the pilots-turned-celebrities what it’s like flying for a TV show in Alaska, their pet peeves, and more. As you’ll see, their newfound fame hasn't gone to their heads. These serious (but comical) aviators put safety first and provide advice on communication, backcountry flying, and more.


Pilot, member of Congress offers insight into GA issues

issa How do you get across the importance and range of general aviation to your member of Congress? Take a picture of your airplane and send it to them, whether it's a Stearman or Citation Ten, suggests Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.).


Flying club network, promotion to aid club growth

AOPA will create a national network of flying clubs as part of a long-term initiative to facilitate flying club growth, the association told attendees at AOPA Aviation Summit Oct. 12.


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