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Hotel Accommodations

Let us find you a home, where the aviators roam.

Make sure you book online through the official AOPA hotel website. When you stay at an official AOPA hotel, you are guaranteed to receive the lowest rates during that week, and if the hotel is sold out, your reservation is always secure. In addition, staying at one of the 12 official AOPA hotels provides you and your guest or family with a great networking experience. All hotels are either within walking distance to the convention center or will provide a shuttle to the convention center for your convenience.

ALERT: Orchid Event Solutions is the only authorized housing organization associated with 2013 AOPA Aviation Summit. While other companies may contact you offering their housing services, they are not endorsed by, or affiliated with, the 2013 AOPA Aviation Summit.

Be careful before entering into a financial agreement with any unofficial company, as their legitimacy and policies may be questionable, and the 2013 Aviation Summit staff will not be able to provide a resolution to issues related to such reservations.

Why should you use the official housing for the 2013 AOPA Aviation Summit?

  • Orchid Event Solutions only requires a one-night deposit in advance on or after September 6, 2013.
  • Your rate at each official hotel is guaranteed to be the lowest at that hotel.
  • Should the hotel inadvertently overbook, they must “walk” other guests before they ask AOPA guests to relocate.
  • Official hotels are a great place to network with fellow attendees.

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