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How the Flight Training Experience Survey Can Help Your Business

What better way to elevate the service you provide than by seeing yourself through the eyes of your clients? The survey's feedback gives you the chance to be nationally recognized in our Flight Training Experience Awards, including coverage in a special edition of Flight Training magazine, AOPA’s website, and AOPA Live.

With as few as five valid respondents you are eligible for recognition—and winning a Flight Training Experience Award is a mark of excellence for your clients and fellow training providers.

The 2017 Flight Training Experience Survey closed on August 14 at 12 noon, EDT. Check back in October for an announcement of our award winners! Report cards will be distributed following the awards ceremony in October.

Why should your flight school participate?

Customer Feedback

Who better than your clients to help guide you when it comes to providing even better service? All flight training providers receiving at least five valid responses in the survey will be given a "report card" to help them know where they excel and where they can grow. The report card includes your average scores in each area, plus it lets you see where you stand relative to the national average.

The Flight Training Experience Survey feedback may help you identify areas of opportunity when it comes to training your staff, delivering customer service, and customer communications. It's also aimed at enabling your school to provide the best possible products and services to each of your clients, helping drive profitability, and improve customer retention.

As a flight training provider, you have a significant impact on your clients and their future as a pilot. Survey results can provide you with feedback on where you excel and where you might grow in attracting and retaining students as well as honing your customer service skills.

How to Promote the Survey

Encourage your customers to participate in the survey! Here are some tools to help: 

Sample Strategy and Timeline

Strategic Overview

  • To get information across, it’s necessary to convey your message more than once and in more than one place.
  • We recommend a strategy focused on reaching your clients multiple times over the three months that the survey is open to participation.
  • We also recommend you use all your communications avenues to drive participation in the survey. This means utilizing email, social networks, your website, word of mouth, and signage in your office or FBO.
  • Watch the AOPA webinar on how to promote the survey.

Phase 1 – Inform Clients About The Survey

  •  Message: How to improve your flight school and your flight training experience.

Phase 2 – Remind Clients and Focus On Value

  •  Message: You Can Fly’s Flight Training Experience Survey is a constructive way to improve flight training, and you can win prizes including a gift and online training courses. 

Phase 3 – Final Push

  •  Message: The You Can Fly Flight Training Experience Survey closes in 10 days. 

Download PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS to encourage your customers to participate

2018 promotional materials will be released next spring.

sample promotional email to your clients

Sample Email to Clients

The 2018 sample email will be released next spring.

sample social networking posts

The 2018 sample social networking posts will be released next spring.

sample flight instructor talking points

The AOPA Flight Training Survey is a great way to give constructive feedback and improve your flight training experience.

If you are a student pilot, in IFR training, or even recently received your flight review, we hope you participate. 

The Survey is based on AOPA’s extensive research into the optimal flight training experience.

The Survey allows flight schools to potentially be recognized nationally and you can win prizes for participating.  

Listen to our webinar on how to succeed in the Flight Training Experience Survey

Watch the AOPA webinar on how to promote the Survey.

Watch Now

Why did you change the poll name?

Is this the old Flight Training Poll? Why the name change?

Changing the name from the AOPA Flight Training Excellence Poll & Awards to the Flight Training Experience Survey & Awards better reflects what we’re measuring—the quality of flight training experience delivered by you—schools and instructors nationwide. Our survey is designed to ask lots of questions so we can really understand each customer’s personal experience as well as what’s happening in the flight training industry.

The “poll” led many people to believe that they were just voting for their favorite school or instructor. But it goes beyond that. We’re asking participants to provide an in-depth evaluation of their personal experience so we can identify and recognize flight instructors and schools that are delivering exceptional training experiences. Those providers will be nationally recognized in the Flight Training Experience Awards.

What Winning Means

Brenda Tibbs, Bravo Flight Training, 2016 Best Flight Instructor:
"The Flight Training Excellence Award has been an amazing experience. There is brand recognition by being recognized by AOPA. It is a great endorsement. People who do not have any other point of reference will look to this poll to research flight schools and instructors. I have gotten students that will drive past other airports to fly with me, even a student from Texas!"

Chris Graessle, Take Flight Aviation, 2016 President’s Award winner:
“Winning the award helped with many things, but it especially helped us in two key areas: recruiting quality CFIs and an increased inflow of quality clients from a broader geographic region.”

Chris Schoensee, Paragon Flight, 2014 Best Flight School, 2015 President's Choice Award:
“The AOPA Flight Training Awards have been a game changer for Paragon Flight. The day after it was announced we had won Best Flight School 2014, we had a client call and say he saw us in AOPA and wanted to finish his PPL with us. It put Paragon on the map for many potential clients that we may not have reached through traditional marketing channels.”

Bob Hepp, Aviation Adventures, Four Time Student's Choice Award Winner:
“The FTE Awards was exactly what we were looking for to differentiate ourselves by the best way possible - by our customers... Our instructors get recognized at OshKosh and proudly wear their red shirt and red shoes. When people walk in the front door, it helps them know they are in the right place.”

The bottom line – being recognized means that more customers will come to you because they know you are an industry leader.