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AOPA Flight PlannerAOPA Flight Planner

Powered by Jeppesen

Features include:

  • Transfer your flight plan to your favorite EFB – DroidEFB, FltPlan Go, ForeFlight Mobile, Garmin Pilot, Naviator, Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB and WingX Pro7.
  • Range Estimating Tool (time, distance and fuel)
  • Predictive Fuel Warnings
  • Fuel Along Route (color coded fuel prices)

Terms of Use

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AOPA Flight Planner Video Tutorials

To watch the complete list of tutorials in any order click below:

Tutorials Youtube Channel

Submitting Bugs and Issues:

Click on the button below to go to the AOPA Flight Planner Bug Reporting Form. All bug and issue reports must be submitted by using this form. Submissions via other methods (email, phone etc) will not be accepted. Please do not submit feature requests or enhancements at this time.

submit bug

Update and Discussion Forum:

We have created a dedicated forum in the AOPA Forums for use by members using AOPA Flight Planner. This is for group communication and dissemination of information only. No bug reports should be submitted in the forum. It will serve as a gathering place for users to communicate with each other and AOPA Staff on topics related to the beta flight planner.

The forum can be accessed with this link:

Email AOPA:

General questions / concerns related to the beta test program. No bug submissions will be accepted via email. [email protected]