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Pilot Passport

Introducing a new feature within the AOPA App

  • SEARCH new airports and places to fly
  • CHECK-IN at airports you visit
  • EARN points, badges, and rewards
  • SHARE your adventures with fellow aviators

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Months Challenge

Join this month's

Earn Badges

Check-In, Earn Badges, Win Prizes and Have Fun!

Earn badges for checking in at different types of airports you fly to, landing at airports in your state, visiting airports and aviation events across the country, and sharing your flying experience by rating the airport, uploading a photo, and posting a comment to your social media. Plus, you can now earn island badges, historic landmark badges, and airport amenity badges including the $100 Hamburger badge!

You can also take part in monthly challenges for a chance to win great prizes!

Join our February Winter Getaway Challenge! Use the AOPA app's Pilot Passport feature to check-in at airports in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California for a chance to win a choice of either a 2020 Bahamas or Caribbean Pilot Guide print package valued at $48! The top 3 participants with the most airport check-ins in February will be awarded. See official rules.

Celebrate Badges
AOPA 80 years

Celebrate with AOPA

Pilot Passport features a fun challenge in honor of AOPA’s eightieth anniversary where you can earn special badges and prizes available only this year.

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Challenge Yourself & Share

Challenge Yourself and Your Friends

Share your adventures by posting photos and comments, and assigning airport ratings. You can also track and compare your progress against other pilots.

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How to earn badges

Every check-in you make awards you points and progress towards earning better and newer badges.

Below is a list of the different badge categories explaining how they all work. To see the specific criteria for earning each badge in particular and tracking your progress, refer to the badge progress page within the app.

State Badges

State Badges

Different levels are earned by the amount airports you check-in at within each state. For example, checking into 5 Maryland airports will earn you the bronze Maryland state badge or check into all of them and earn the platinum level.

State Badges

Region Badges*

Region badges are earned by getting all the state badges within that region of the same level. For example, earning all the silver state badges in the central southwest region will earn you the silver central southwest region badge.

Airspace Badges

Airspace Badges

Airspace badges are earned by checking into airports that are surrounded by a particular type of airspace. For example, checking into 50 different airports in class C airspace will earn you the gold airspace badge.

Event Badges

Event Badges

Event badges are earned by checking into airports that are having an event (be sure to check-in during the hours of the event). The more you checkin to airports like this, the higher badges you will earn.

Runway Badges

Runway Badges

Earn runway badges by checking into airports with different kinds of runways. Every runway type located at the airport will earn you progress toward that particular badge.

AOPA Donor Badges

AOPA Foundation Donor Badges

Help build a stronger, safer pilot community by contributing to the AOPA Foundation and receive donor badges to recognize your generous support.

Social Badges

Social Badges

Credit towards earning your social badge is obtained by sharing your check in via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and the AOPA Hangar.

Island Badges

Island Badges

Earn badges by checking into airports found on islands such as Cuba or the Bahamas. Each cluster has it's own badge, and collecting several of these will get you closer to earning your bronze, silver, or gold Island Hopper badge.

Landmark Badges

Landmark Badges

Visit several different historical locations related to aviation, like Kitty Hawk, to obtain a bronze, silver, and eventually gold History Buff badges.

Amenity Badges

Airport Amenity Badges

Visiting airports with various types of amenities, such as restaurants on the field, fuel, and maintenance, will earn you progress toward new badges. For now we have the $100 hamburger badge but will be adding more soon!

*U.S. territories and states not connected to the mainland count toward the region badges. This includes places like Hawaii, Puerta Rico, and Alaska

Point key

Every time you check-in to an airport you are awarded points. These points are based on whether certain criteria is met such as the types of runways found at the airport or what airspace it is located within. Below is a list of all the different end points of that criteria and how many points are awarded each time they are met.

Check-in to an airport +100 pts
Airport has a grass strip +10 pts
Airport has a paved runway +10 pts
Airport has a helipad +10 pts
Airport has a seaplane base +10 pts
Airport is located in Class B Airpsace +100 pts
Airport is located in Class C Airpsace +50 pts
Airport is located in Class D Airpsace +25 pts
Airport is located in Class E/G Airpsace +10 pts
Share your check-in on Facebook +10 pts
Share your check-in on Twitter +10 pts
Share your check-in on the AOPA Hangar +25 pts
Airport has an event during the time of your check-in +100 pts
Earn a bronze level badge +200 pts
Earn a silver level badge +500 pts
Earn a gold level badge +1,000 pts
Earn a platinum level badge +10,000 pts
Earn the AOPA member badge +1,000 pts
Earn the AOPA life member badge +5,000 pts
Earn a special event badge (AOPA Fly-In, Sun N' Fun) +2,000 pts