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Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana

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Importance of GA to your State and Individual Airport

I often get e-mails from members asking if we can help them find information about general aviation’s importance to their state and/or individual airport. I thought I would share that information with y’all (as they like to say here in the south) via … Continue reading Read More

April 26, 2015

Combining Flight Training with Tourism… a Trip to the Big Bend Area in Texas

Joey Colleran, AOPA’s Director of the Airport Support Network (ASN) program, and I recently embarked on a training flight to the Big Bend area in “Far West Texas.” Joey is a private pilot who was looking to get current and … Continue reading Read More

January 12, 2015

Cold Temperature Restricted Airports in Central SW Region

In temperatures below standard, an aircraft’s true altitude is below that is indicated. This is especially critical at high altitude airports where the error is exaggerated and a pilot flying the published altitudes on an instrument approach may be several … Continue reading Read More

December 15, 2014

Aviation Resources for Parents and Students

As I travel around and meet people interested in learning to fly, I always struggle to send them to one web page where they can get all the information they ask for to get started, tailored to their state/city, and without having to dig through several … Continue reading Read More

November 24, 2014

Our General Aviation Experience in Central Switzerland and Northern Italy

My husband Jared and I recently came back from a trip to Switzerland (CH for easier reference) and Northern Italy and, of course, we carved out some time to learn a bit about their general aviation (GA) system and activity … Continue reading Read More

October 29, 2014

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Regional Resources

Central Southwest’s Precollege Aviation Education Programs

Download a listing of aviation education programs available to Middle and High School students.

Friendly Airports in the Central Southwest Region

Looking for an airport to grab a $100 hamburger? Want to visit an aviation museum? How about camping by your airplane? Just simply want to visit an airport to watch airplanes take off and land? Here is a list of airports where you can do that at.

Social Media in the Central Southwest Region

List of airports, museums, organizations, etc in the region with social media accounts.

Aviation Resources for Parents and Students

Resources for younger student pilots and their parents (mainly middle and high school students, although some information applies regardless of age).

Central Southwest region news


Tower-marking bill signed in Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill to require the marking and registration of meteorological evaluation towers, a known hazard to aviation.

2015, 05 27


Texas storms cancel Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-in

The Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-In that had been scheduled May 28 through 30 has been canceled in light of storms and floods that have pummeled Texas.

2015, 05 27


Carter seeks factory

After years of development, Jay Carter’s remarkable flying machine is being marketed to aerospace manufacturers.

2015, 05 21 | comments


Garmin sets two open house events

Garmin will offer customers opportunities to learn about its navigational products with seminars and tours of manufacturing facilities in Olathe, Kansas, and Salem, Oregon.

2015, 05 20


Decision point

A new collaboration seeks to give medical helicopter pilots tools to balance urgent imperatives and flight safety, and reduce accidents caused by inadvertent flight into IMC.

2015, 05 14


Writing it forward (in reverse)

The pilot who wrote messages of love and hope over New Orleans moved many hearts while carrying forward a tradition nearly as old as airplanes.

2015, 05 14


'CloudStreet' program captures soaring for PBS

Set in intermountain west soaring country, “CloudStreet: Soaring the American West” tells the story of four glider pilots in New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado.

2015, 05 13
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