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Groundbreaking female pilot Frances ‘Fran’ Bera, who set a world altitude record and taught and examined pilots for more than seven decades, died Feb. 10 in San Diego, California, at age 94. Photo courtesy of Leslie Day.

Record-setter aviator Fran Bera remembered

Fairchild 24 photo by Chris Rose.

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Training and safety

An example of a winds aloft forecast detailing winds greater than 99 knots. Composite by AOPA staff.

Training Tip: Not-so-easy breezy

Aircraft Maintenance
T-51 tailwheel on frame. Photo courtesy of Jeff Simon.

Aircraft Maintenance: Taming tailwheels

ASI Safety Tip: Runway Conditions


The 2,173-foot Mineral Canyon airstrip offers pilots a great shortcut into Utah’s canyon country. Like many Utah airstrips, it was built in the 1950s by a uranium mining company. After it was abandoned, the strip slowly deteriorated until the Utah Back Country Pilots Association took up its cause in 1997. After heated battles and refurbishment by volunteers, it was reopened in December 1998. With easy access to the Green River, it remains one of Utah’s most popular strips. Photo by Brady Lane.

Green River getaway

December Briefing

Flying fun: Register for AOPA's Fly-Ins today

AOPA's 2018 Fly-In locations include Missoula, Montana; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Carbondale, Illinois; and Gulf Shores, Alabama.

AOPA’s 2018 Fly-Ins: Gateways for exploration

From industry

Caught on Camera: Lost Comm in IMC

March Weather Madness Begins in 3-2-1


The Federal Aviation Administration is one of the many government agencies that have influence over general aviation. Photo by David Tulis.

FAA to end DUATS contract in May

Satellite-based navigation is becoming the norm.

Keeping NextGen on the air

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