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Test pilot Dave Morss flew the maiden flight of the Stratos 714 VLJ (Very Light Jet) on Nov. 21, and tests have continued since. Photo courtesy of Stratos Aircraft.

Stratos 714 makes first flight

AOPA Live This Week

AOPA Live This Week, December 1

Training and safety

Positive relationships between a CFI and student can add value both on and off the ramp. Photo by Mike Fizer.

Training Tip: An ace instructor

Photo courtesy of Jeff Simon.

Aircraft Maintenance: Oil use and cylinder cracks

Taming the Twin: Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying

Taming the Twin: Four Rules for Safe Multiengine Flying


Copper River Basin


You Can Fly
An Avid Flyer provides the background as Raisbeck Aviation High School senior Nicole Diaz leads AOPA High School Symposium attendees on a tour of her high school in Seattle, Nov. 7. Photo by David Tulis.

AOPA high school STEM symposium enlightens hundreds

You Can Fly
Volunteer Jerry McMillan of Prescott, Arizona, marshals an aircraft into the camping area at AOPA's Prescott Fly-In. Photo by Mike Collins.

AOPA Fly-Ins: Being safe, having fun

From industry

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Pilot tackles Captain Jepp Challenge to stay sharp

Michael Goulian performs during a practice session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Oct. 14. Photo by Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool.

Vegas races blown out


The AOPA Flight Planner offers a tool to assist with the selection of equipment codes and other technical questions related to completing the international flight plan.

Early 2017 start date for international flight plan form

Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the FAA will increase overflight fees.

Fees for FAA overflight services going up

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