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Energizing GA

It’s no accident that AOPA is the world’s largest civil aviation organization and that we’ve been around since 1939. This organization has lasted so long and grown so large because we have never lost sight of our mission—protecting our freedom to fly.

But I know we can do even more when we energize the pilot community.

A lot of what we can do is simple but powerful. We can make airports more welcoming and accessible—they shouldn’t feel like maximum security prisons. We can invite everyone we know to give aviation a try—millions of people want to fly but don’t know how to get started or don’t believe they can do it.  We can change that.

General aviation has a lot to offer, and we have the power to share the fun, the freedom, and the amazing opportunities that come with being a pilot. That’s my challenge to every AOPA member. Share GA with someone today, then share your stories with me at [email protected].