Advanced Flight Training

Ratings and Endorsements

Whether it's your favorite seaplane, tailwheel, complex, or high-performance airplane that you hope to someday fly as pilot in command, the FAA requires training and testing, or an endorsement by an authorized instructor, to have an additional category, class, or operating privilege added to your credentials.

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Going to High Performance Aircraft

AOPA continues to receive questions regarding endorsements needed by pilots to fly complex and high-performance aircraft. With the changes to 14 CFR 61.31 in mid-1997, the FAA changed the requirements for a person to act as PIC of these aircraft. The wrong endorsement could mean a violation or invalidate your aircraft insurance.

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AOPA Podcast: Airline Transport Pilot Certification

Listen as David Oord, AOPA's Manager of Regulatory Affairs, explains the changes to airline transport pilot certification and flight regulations.

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Turbine Magazine

Pilot Magazine

Turbine Pilot: Profile

When Mike Ott’s dad took him up for his first airplane ride in a Piper Cherokee, little could they imagine that Mike’s current flying job would attract worldwide attention.

Dec 09, 2014

Pilot Magazine

Quick Look: Turbine Bonanza conversions

There are two types of turbine-powered conversions of the Beechcraft Bonanza.

Dec 01, 2014

Pilot Magazine

Debrief: Making the move

In 2014, after much research, this very dedicated TBM owner decided to upgrade to a Cessna Citation Mustang.

Dec 01, 2014

Pilot Magazine

Debrief: Automation misuse

Last year, during a predawn instrument approach in instrument meteorological conditions, a UPS A300 was destroyed and its crew killed when it struck terrain just short of the runway.

Nov 11, 2014
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IFR Fix: Timing the handoff

No one likes to blow a radio exchange with ATC, but it's not possible to know exactly when a handoff from one center sector to another, or from a center to approach, is going to happen.

2014, 12 12 | comments


IFR Fix: In uncharted territory

When was the last time you were instructed by a controller, or requested by an instrument flight instructor to fly an uncharted hold?

2014, 12 08 | comments


IFR Fix: Pitch anomalies

The aircraft does seem less responsive in pitch now—but what would that have to do with icing?

2014, 12 01


IFR Fix: Why 'No SID'?

Your CFII usually follows up route-planning drilling with a review of appropriate regulations, and today’s selection is 14 CFR 91.185, "IFR Operations: Two-way radio communications failure."

2014, 11 21
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