Advanced Flight Training

Ratings and Endorsements

Whether it's your favorite seaplane, tailwheel, complex, or high-performance airplane that you hope to someday fly as pilot in command, the FAA requires training and testing, or an endorsement by an authorized instructor, to have an additional category, class, or operating privilege added to your credentials.

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Going to High Performance Aircraft

AOPA continues to receive questions regarding endorsements needed by pilots to fly complex and high-performance aircraft. With the changes to 14 CFR 61.31 in mid-1997, the FAA changed the requirements for a person to act as PIC of these aircraft. The wrong endorsement could mean a violation or invalidate your aircraft insurance.

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AOPA Podcast: Airline Transport Pilot Certification

Listen as David Oord, AOPA's Manager of Regulatory Affairs, explains the changes to airline transport pilot certification and flight regulations.

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Turbine Magazine

Pilot Magazine

Embraer’s new Legacy

I’m in a briefing room at Embraer’s final assembly facility at Melbourne International Airport in Florida, eagerly awaiting my flight in the company’s recently certified Legacy 500—the one-time MSJ.

Mar 11, 2015

Pilot Magazine

Mentor Matters: Cold weather and misleading altimeters

Most of the time the difference between indicated and true altitude is negligible.

Mar 10, 2015

Pilot Magazine

Quick Look: Merlin III

Fairchild’s Merlin III towers over the ramp among the masses of King Airs, Cheyennes, and Conquests.

Mar 10, 2015

Pilot Magazine

The king of speed

Cessna’s original Citation X was introduced in 1990, and the first production aircraft was delivered to golfing legend Arnold Palmer.

Feb 06, 2015
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IFR Fix: Danger at the heart of embedded thunderstorms

The crew, struggling against severe turbulence, icing, and loss of altitude and bank control, had inadvertently penetrated an embedded thunderstorm.

2015, 03 30


IFR Fix: Snowflake approaches

An aircraft is flying at 10,000 feet msl. Outside air temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. Is the aircraft higher or lower than its altimeter indicates?

2015, 03 16


IFR Fix: Cold and calculated

The caustic combination of crosswind and an ice-crusted runway sent the aircraft skidding into a snow bank built up by plowing along the runway edge.

2015, 03 02


IFR Fix: Alternate realities

For a pilot who flies IFR infrequently, should weather requiring an alternate raise a caution flag about the go/no-go decision?

2015, 02 18 | comments
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