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About SiriusXM

From wheels up to wheels down, you can have superior graphical weather at your fingertips to maximize your situational awareness and comfort. SiriusXM provides key features and benefits not offered by ADS-B Weather (FIS-B). Whether you fly a Light Sport Aircraft at 1,500 feet, a Corporate Jet at FL450, or anything in between, SiriusXM helps you fly with confidence.

Plus, you can add on SiriusXM entertainment at a discounted rate, and enjoy over 150 channels through your aircraft headset or cabin audio system. 


SiriusXM vs. ADS-B Weather

SiriusXM vs ADS-B Weather - Choose satellite weather for exclusive features and to avoid the limitations of ground-based ADS-B.

Available on Garmin and ForeFlight

SiriusXM on Garmin Equipment

SiriusXM weather is available on the NEW Garmin GDL™ 51/51R, GDL 52/52R which work with Garmin Pilot™, the portable aera® 660 and aera 795/796 and the G3X Touch™. The GXM™ 42 SXM receiver works with the portable aera 510, 560, 796, & GPSMAP® 696. SiriusXM services are available using the GDL®69/69A receiver for compatible Garmin certified avionics like the GTN™ 750/650 touchscreen navigator series, G500 TXi/G600 TXi touchscreen flight displays and integrated flight decks G1000®, G1000 NXi, G2000®, G3000®, and G5000®. SiriusXM is also available on the G3X Touch GDU 455 and GDU 465 for LSA/Experimental Aircraft installations. SiriusXM Radio can be added at a discount. See SiriusXM Aviation service and Garmin compatibility.

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SiriusXM $200 Rebate


SiriusXM on ForeFlight

Pilots using the industry leading ForeFlight Mobile App can now access SiriusXM Aviation weather and SiriusXM entertainment. You won’t have to worry about the limitations of ground-based ADS-B, plus you’ll get critical features it doesn’t offer. The SiriusXM SXAR1 Aviation Receiver easily connects via Bluetooth® to your iPad® or iPhone®.To get flying with SiriusXM weather on your ForeFlight app, purchase an SXAR1, download the latest version of the ForeFlight app, and subscribe to the SiriusXM Pilot for ForeFlight package.

SiriusXM is pleased to partner with these Aviation Manufacturers