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ASI Investigates: Weather Accidents

COMING Fall 2018

Weather is often blamed as the cause of accidents when, in reality, it’s poor decision making that’s the culprit. The go/no-go decision-making process starts long before entering the cockpit. But the right choice at a crucial moment before or during a flight can be difficult to make. In this new seminar from the AOPA Air Safety Institute, you’ll learn:

  • Why getting the big weather picture is important
  • How to improve your go/no-go decision-making process
  • Tips to “weatherize” your mindset and avoid traps like flying VFR into IMC
  • Why technology can be a great tool and your worst enemy in weather flying

Starting at the crash scene and working backwards, you’ll step into the shoes of an accident investigator and examine accidents in which weather played a role. Our expert presenters will guide the discussion about what went wrong, why, and how to avoid making the same mistakes. 

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Here's what pilots are saying about our safety seminars

…your enthusiastic presentation left us as 'safer pilots.' Keep up the good work.”
John and Susan T.
John and Susan T.
[The seminar] was really good and a great way to present aviation education. The speaker was very good.
Dave S.
Dave S.