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Trivia Night!

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Sure, you know lots of important stuff about flying…but how sharp are your trivia skills? Join us for our latest seminar and find out! We’ll test your knowledge of the arcane while also exploring the safety issues behind the trivia. For example, do you know:

  • How long Lindbergh went without sleep during his transatlantic flight?
  • How many drinks it takes to degrade performance as much as a poor night’s sleep?
  • What piece of equipment “caused” Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 to crash?

From vintage navaids to aerodynamics and little-known aircraft, we’ve put together a collection of questions sure to put your knowledge to the test—and make you a safer pilot.   

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Here's what pilots are saying about our safety seminars

"...a pilot who saw the Takeoffs and Landings seminar last year says that she thinks our advice to "land straight ahead" may have saved her life this past year when she had an engine out. She uses the technique we teach of "spring loading" herself on every takeoff, and so she was able to instantly respond when the engine did fail. Even was able to stay on the runway!"

"A very potent presentation. Left me with a few, but powerful tools that I feel I could stick to in an emergency."

"The best I have been to — this was extremely beneficial."

"Good, fast-moving presentation — very practical with varied examples."

"Very good presentation! The instructor had the audience thinking through the entire evening."