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AOPA Weather v 2.3.7

AOPA released Weather version 2.3.7 on December 15, 2011. This fixes an issue with the AIRMET chart images not displaying properly.

About AOPA Weather 2.0

Version 2.0 is a major reorganization of the application with an emphasis on individual personalization.

To reduce clutter caused by charts which are less commonly used, only a subset of the available charts open by default. To open additional ones, click on "More Charts" to the left of the chart tabs.

With 2.0, the charts you open will be automatically saved and reopened for you when you visit the application next time. Likewise, any custom settings you make to the retrieval and display of METARs, TAFs, and area forecasts will also be saved. We've also incorporated legends and additional information for most of the charts, available by clicking "About this chart" in the lower left corner.

We have integrated the new AIRMET images provided by Aviation Digital Data Services (ADDS). The AIRMET charts are available nationwide or for individual US regions, and any AIRMET overlays you turn on or off are also automatically saved for next time.

If you have a home airport set on, AOPA Weather will automatically call up nearby METARs and TAFs for your home airport when the application is opened. You can also retrieve METAR and TAFs around an airport, along a stored AIFP route or for one or more weather stations. To set your home airport, visit its page on AOPA Airports and click on the home airport icon.

System Requirements

AOPA Weather 2.0 has the following browser/system requirements:

  • One of the following supported browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later (3.0 should work but is no longer supported)
    • Google Chrome 4 or later
    • Apple Safari 4 or later
    • Mobile Safari on Apple iPad
    • Opera should work but has not been thoroughly tested
    Some features are not supported in all browsers due to differences in their capabilities. AOPA recommends using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for the best experience.
  • 1024 x 600 resolution minimum. On the iPad, the application is only meant to be used in landscape orientation to match this resolution requirement.
  • While every effort has been made to optimize the application for slow connections, a minimum of a 256K DSL connection is recommended.

Browser Zooming

If you attempt to zoom the page using your browser's built-in zoom functions (ctrl + and ctrl - or ctrl and mouse wheel) you may have mixed results depending on what browser you are using. Internet Explorer has known issues with zooming correctly in the application, which are issues with Internet Explorer that AOPA has no control over. Firefox 3.6 and Chrome 5 appear to work well when zoomed in, but you will need a higher resolution than the standard minimum for the application to display correctly.

iPad - Known Issues

Due to limitations in support of the iPad's touch screen interface, certain minor features do not currently work:

  • Resizing windows and dialog boxes
  • Mouseover translations of raw METAR and TAF terms

If you have a question, compliment, or suggestion please tell us at 1-800-USA-AOPA or