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Get started on your flight training journey today! Take advantage of this easy-to-use tool to find a flight school near you.

Choose one of 3 search options:
- 2 character state (e.g. AZ, CA, MD, etc.)
- 5 digit zip code
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Please Note:
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Use this handy checklist for choosing a good flight school:

  • Determine your aviation goals. Are you learning to fly for fun or do you plan to pursue a career?
  • Compile a list of schools to examine, and request literature from each. Review material from each school and answer the questions outlined earlier here.
  • Once you've done your "homework," visit the final two or three schools that pass the test. Ask questions and get a feel for the personalities of the schools. Ask specific questions and insist on specific answers. Talk to other students and flight instructors.
  • Once you've decided on a school, be sure a written agreement outlines the payment procedures.

Click here for more detailed information on how to choose a flight school.