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Runway Safety: Providence, RI

On Dec. 6, 1999, United 1448 made one wrong turn while taxiing in severely reduced visibility. It became the first link in a chain of mistaken assumptions by its crew and the tower controller.

Topics:  Aeronautical Decision Making, Communication, Safety and Education

Runway Safety: Quincy, IL

A communication breakdown starts a chain of events that ends with a collision and 14 fatalities.

Topics:  Aeronautical Decision Making, Accident, Communication, Safety and Education

T-storm Toolbox

Flying the Weather: Tstorm Toolbox

AOPA President Mark Baker and AOPA Foundation President Bruce Landsberg discuss some of the strategies they used to navigate around thunderstorms during a recent flight.

Approx. 5 min

Topics:  Air Safety Institute, Safety and Education, Flight Planning, Weather, Thunderstorms, AOPA

Flying the Weather: Picking Up Ice

Early detection of ice accumulation is critical to the safe outcome of a flight—even for pilots flying in aircraft equipped with de-icing equipment. In this video, Tom Horne talks about what to look for, and where, to determine if your aircraft is starting to pick up ice.

Aprox. 5 minutes

Flying the Weather: Airframe Icing

Hear from weather expert and AOPA Pilot Magazine writer, Tom Horne, on the dangers of flight into “known icing” conditions and what you can do to escape those conditions with your life.

Approx. 4 min

Topics:  Weather, Winter

No Greater Burden

No Greater Burden: Surviving an Aircraft Accident

Living with the consequences of an aircraft accident is hard. Living with the loss of a son is excruciating. In this special video presentation we take a sobering look at one pilot’s personal tragedy, the devastation it wrought, and the lessons all of us can take from it.

Approx. 30 min

Space Weather

Space Weather and GA

Space scientist Joe Kunches from the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center discusses solar activity and how this space weather may impact general aviation flying.

Approx. 9 min

Topics:  Weather

FDK Tower

FDK Airspace and Tower: A New Class of Operations

On May 1, 2012, Frederick Tower opened and introduced new Class D airspace around the airport. Watch the Air Safety Institute’s free seminar on the new VFR and IFR operations in the Frederick Class D airspace.

Approx. 50 min

Topics:  Airspace, Airspace Classes

Passenger Safety Briefing

Critical Information: The Passenger Safety Briefing

Unfortunately, accidents happen—and when they do, a little information can sometimes make a big difference. The Air Safety Institute’s new video covers often-overlooked items that should be part of every preflight passenger briefing. You’ll also get helpful survival tips from NTSB and CAP experts, and learn the single best way to increase your odds of rescue.

Approx. 10 min

invasive species

How to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants and Animals by Seaplane

Since the 1980s, zebra mussels, quagga mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, and other non-indigenous aquatic plants and animals have been rapidly taking over many of our freshwater lakes and causing billions of dollars in damage. These invasive species are primarily transported by watercraft, and once established can be impossible to eradicate. By following a few simple guidelines outlined in this video, seaplane pilots can help stop the spread of these aquatic nuisances.

Approx. 20 minutes

Topics:  Seaplane, Aircraft Types