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LSA-Engines ready to enter light sport market

Article | 2015, 05 15

LSA-Engines is a small German firm, at the moment, basing its light sport aircraft engine on a design from a big company.

Cessna halts orders for diesel Cessna 182

Article | 2015, 05 14

Cessna Aircraft has confirmed no new purchase agreements are being accepted for the Cessna 182 JT-A diesel-engine Skylane, and numerous dealers have confirmed the project is on hold indefinitely.

Pilatus PC-24 makes first flight

Article | 2015, 05 12

The Pilatus PC-24 jet flew for the first time May 11 in Switzerland for nearly an hour.

Civil Air Patrol buys gas engine Cessna 182s

Article | 2015, 05 11

The Civil Air Patrol ordered 17 gasoline-powered Cessna Skylane 182s in April as the diesel Skylane JT-A waits for certification.

P&E: Technique

Pilot Magazine | 2015, 05 11

Not done correctly, transitioning to a larger aircraft can and has contributed to accidents.

Continental Motors enters experimental engine market

Article | 2015, 05 04

Continental Motors is a player in the experimental market with its purchase of Danbury Aerospace that includes Titan Aircraft Engines.

Rans readies Raven for light sport approval

Article | 2015, 04 23

Rans Designs is taking its kitplane, the tailwheel S-20 Raven, into the light sport market by the end of the year.

Swiss ultralight will cruise at 160 knots

Article | 2015, 04 22

Pilots in Europe with the lowest category of pilot certificate are able to purchase the Risen aircraft by Swiss Excellence Airplanes that cruises at 160 knots.

Super Legend Cub boasts 180 hp

Article | 2015, 04 22

American Legend won approval two years ago to put a 180-horsepower engine on the Super Legend Cub, and now they've done it.

German firm readies flying car

Article | 2015, 04 21

What the world needs is more flying cars, and the German firm Carplane based 130 miles west of Berlin intends to fill that need.