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FAA Funding Debate - Act NowFAA Funding Debate - Act Now

AOPA FAA Funding Debate

What you can do right now to help AOPA fight user fees

  1. Stop User Fees stickerContact your senators and representative. Action is proceeding on both the House and Senate FAA funding bills. Let them know that you support H.R.2881 (the House FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007).
  2. Print out our " Stop User Fees—Support H.R.2881" stickers for you and your friends. Wear the sticker to your congressional town meetings. (The file is designed to print on an Avery Label 8254 or similarly sized sheet of 3-by-2-inch labels. We also have a larger version suitable for a poster or to iron on a T-shirt.)
  3. If you haven't done so already, sign our online petition against user fees and in favor of excise taxes, and encourage every pilot you know to do the same. We will present the petition at the moment when it will have the greatest impact.
  4. Finally, make sure we have your e-mail address. We will be asking all of you to write or call your representatives in Congress at the moment when your voice will make a critical difference.