AOPA Best Aircraft Showdown


Keep an eye on who is winning.

You can get the play-by-play breakdown by visiting the bracket page every couple of minutes on days where voting is open. Each time you refresh the page you can see the latest votes and keep an eye on whether the aircraft you love most are winning. The bracket page will be available when voting opens March 17.


Make your votes count double!

Become an AOPA member and increase the chances your aircraft will win. Member votes count as two, while nonmembers only count as one. Click here to join AOPA.

How the voting process works.

Finding the vote page:

From the Best Aircraft Showdown home page, click on the button that says “Vote Now.” This will only be available during active voting March 17 through April 2.

Voting for your aircraft:

  1. When you know which aircraft you want to vote for, click the orange “Vote” button at the bottom of the page under that aircraft.
  2. A box will appear confirming the aircraft you chose. Click “Next matchup” to proceed to the next two aircraft up for a vote.
  3. Continue voting until all the matchups are done. When finished you will be able to return to the bracket to see what the current standings are.

Uh oh, wrong aircraft! How to undo your votes:

After you click the orange “Vote” button at the bottom, you will be allowed to choose whether you want to continue to the next matchup or undo your vote. It’s that easy!

About the bracket:

The Best Aircraft Showdown bracket is divided into four divisions labeled Eastern, Western, South Eastern, and South Western. At the beginning of Round 1, 16 aircraft will compete for each division. Return to the bracket page every day to see if your aircraft are winning.

Viewing the bracket details:

To view more detailed information about each matchup simply click on the name of one of the two aircraft in the matchup. A box will pop up with a picture of each aircraft, a short description, and the number of votes each aircraft currently has. To exit simply click the “x” in the lower right-hand corner.