ASI Interactive Accident Maps

Interactive Accident Maps

Every flight is different … but GA accidents follow well-worn patterns. Whether heedless, hapless, or simply clueless, pilots keep falling into the same traps that have snared others before them. It happens every year all across the country.

ASI's Interactive Accident Map lets you find the locations and details of recent accidents that fit those classic patterns. Click on any of the links below to get started, and don't forget to check back later—more categories will be added to the list!

Takeoff It's the easiest part of flying, right? Maybe not.
Landing Takeoffs are optional but landings are mandatory. You'd think we'd be better at them.
Fuel Management Airplanes don't run on air.
VFR-into-IMC What part of "cloud" is so tough to understand?
Stall/Spin Low altitude's no place for bad attitudes.