VFR-into-IMC Accidents 10/20/2019 - 10/20/2020

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*Accident reports are not entered into the ASF database until 1-2 weeks after the National Transportation Safety Board issues its preliminary report. Note: Accidents included on the basis of preliminary reports may later be reclassified after final determination of probable cause.
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Attempting VFR flight in instrument meteorologic conditions is one of the most consistently lethal mistakes in all of aviation. Since 2002, more than 86% of all fixed-wing VFR-into-IMC accidents have been fatal, a higher proportion than for mid-air collisions, wire strikes, or pilot incapacitation. Mountains aren't always involved. VFR-into-IMC accidents happen in places as flat as Florida, Wisconsin, and Kansas. Scroll over their locations to read more about individual accidents. Then click here for tips on how to keep yourself off the map.

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