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Make it OfficialDraft Bylaws

Draft Bylaws

Bylaws govern how an organization operates by providing the framework, structure, and policies for the club. Every flying club should draft and adopt bylaws so officers know what their responsibilities are, board members have a guide for making decisions, and members know what to expect from the club, as well as what is expected of them.

Bylaws should not be confused with the club’s aircraft operating rules. Simply put, bylaws are much more comprehensive and lay out the foundation of club governance. Aircraft operating rules outline how members may use the aircraft and how the club is run on a day-to-day basis. Flight operations, aircraft maintenance, handling, storage and scheduling are addressed elsewhere. (See “Operating Rules”.)

Among the areas that are typically included in bylaws are:

  • The purpose of the club
  • Officers and duties
  • Membership types and requirements
  • Meeting frequency
  • Meeting notice
  • Financial/accounting practices
  • Election frequency
  • Dissolution

It is important to note that insurance companies may request a copy of your bylaws when reviewing policies and issuing quotes. In addition, if your club chooses to file for tax exempt status, the IRS will review your bylaws to ensure the club meets the requirements of the exemption.

Sample Bylaws are available thanks to the following clubs:

East Hill Flying Club

Blue Horizons Flying Club