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Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

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Login assistance: Your Enhanced Digital Edition username and password are the same as your AOPA website username and password. You must have a digital subscription to access content in the digital edition.

If you do not remember your AOPA website username and password, click here to reset them. Please note, this will reset your password for AOPA Online as well as your Enhanced Digital Edition.

If you have additional questions or problems with your digital edition, email [email protected].


How does it work?

If you add the AOPA Pilot or Flight Training Enhanced Digital Edition to your membership, or switch your print subscription, each month you will receive an e-mail message as soon as the next issue of your magazine is ready—before the printed copies hit the mail. Click on the links provided and the Enhanced Digital Edition will open in your Web browser. Many articles have accompanying videos or other multimedia features, which will appear right on the page or are one mouse click away (look for the icon).

A button on the top menu bar allows you to download and save the digital edition to your computer for offline reading, although videos and some other features will not be available offline. The digital edition is compatible with all popular browsers. Your computer does need to be running Version 10 of Adobe's Flash software; the digital edition software will prompt you if an update is needed.

You must be a digital subscriber to access the Enhanced Digital Edition. Digital subscribers can log in using their AOPA website username and password. If you do not remember your AOPA website username and password, click here to reset them. Please note, this will reset your password for AOPA Online as well as your Enhanced Digital Edition. If you have an iPad or other iOS device, download the free AOPA Mags app from the iTunes store and log into the app, using your AOPA website username and password. FAQs for the app are available online.

How much does it cost?

If you want to switch your membership from the print edition of a magazine to the Enhanced Digital Edition, there is no additional charge. If you wish to receive both the Enhanced Digital Edition and your existing print magazine, the cost is $10 per year. 

Can I try it out before I decide?

Of course! Click here to see the February 2011 AOPA Pilot Enhanced Digital Edition. This feature-packed digital edition includes six videos, an audio podcast, and a poll, among other extras.

What will happen to the print magazine?

Absolutely nothing. You can continue to receive the print magazine, or switch back to it at any time. Many pilots frequently are on the go, and Enhanced Digital Editions are simply another channel through which AOPA can deliver its award-winning content to members who prefer to receive it electronically.

Can I access it on my iPad or iPhone?

Yes! The AOPA Mags app provides easy access to the Enhanced Digital Editions of AOPA Pilot and Flight Training magazines on your iPad and other iOS devices. The app allows downloading and offline reading of your magazines, with simple swipe-and-pinch navigation, although you will need an Internet connection to view videos, slideshows, and other extended content. Digital subscribers can download the free app from Apple's App Store here.

What other mobile devices are supported?

AOPA Enhanced Digital Editions are accessible on most mobile devices, including Android and Blackberry, via your smartphone's Web browser (the Blackberry version is text-based).

What about the Kindle or Nook?

We are not yet offering AOPA Pilot or Flight Training on the Kindle or Nook because of unanticipated distribution issues—we would have to institute a per-copy charge for distribution, and could not limit distribution to AOPA members. Our team is investigating possible solutions to this issue. If you're a Kindle user, please tell us what you think.

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