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Meet the amazing mother-daughter duo Marla and Liz Lekarczyk. Liz has such an admiration for her mother, who has "been her biggest mentor" in her pilot life.

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Meet Pete

Pete Sanchez didn’t begin flight instruction until he was 26 years old, but it has been full steam ahead since. He originally joined AOPA to be connected to the aviation community and since, has identified many more things to appreciate about AOPA.


Meet Rachel

It began with a promotional flight training membership to AOPA at the young age of 16, and the rest is history. Rachel Waite is now a regular AOPA member. As she has become more involved in aviation, she too has realized how vital AOPA is to aviation.


Meet Michael

After dreaming about obtaining his license, Michael Sullivan recently decided he wanted to join the ranks of his father and grandfather as private pilots. Upon taking lessons, Michael heard his mentor give some key advice, “Join AOPA.” He took his advice.


There are pilots, and then there are AOPA pilots. We aren’t saying we have any favorites… okay, yes we are. We prefer the latter, of course! Our membership base is a culmination of many diverse and fascinating pilots. We are constantly in awe of their stories that embody the passion for flight that we so steadfastly believe in.

What other Members are saying about AOPA

"AOPA is the ONE place I can go to get all the guidance I need on everything from flight technique tips to where to buy insurance."

"The most important aspect of being an AOPA member is the fact that AOPA gives us little guys a strong voice thanks to their continuing political advocacy on our behalf in Washington. They keep the dream alive!"

"I fly with AOPA for so many reasons—from the legal battles they fight in D.C. to the safety culture and emphasis it places on continuing education."

"AOPA has been most helpful in understanding and navigating the myriad of FAA rules and regulations. They offered incredible assistance with medical issues, and were extremely helpful."

"It is nice to be able to pick up the phone and call an AOPA representative and have all your questions answered on anything you have--from legal questions to TFR guidance. There is no question AOPA hasn’t been able to answer."