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Summary of Florida AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer reports from Hurricane CharleySummary of Florida AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer reports from Hurricane Charley

Summary of Florida AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer reports from Hurricane Charley

AOPA gets airport information from its network of Airport Support Network volunteers nationwide. In that manner, AOPA can be alerted early on to problems at your airport.

Daytona Beach International, Daytona (DAB) - ASNV Seth Young: "The airport is open for business. Several light aircraft at some FBOs and flight schools were damaged, and there is some hangar damage. Embry-Riddle lost a Diamond trainer aircraft."

Marco Island Airport, Naples (MKY) - ASNV Dave Gardner: "MKY did not receive any property or aircraft damage due to Charley, even though the winds were sustained at 90 mph. The airport is open and normal conditions prevail."

Arthur Dunn Air Park, Titusville (X21) - ASNV Larry Gilbert: "The status of Dunn Airpark is pretty good. A few doors blew off of hangars and one airplane was damaged."

Page Field Airport, Fort Myers (FMY) - ASNV and AOPA Pilot columnist Mark Twombly: "At Page Field in Fort Myers, two aircraft flipped and were destroyed, eight to 10 others were damaged. There was some minor hangar and storage shed damage. Power was restored at 7 a.m. Monday, August 16. The FAA contract tower is in full operation."

Peter O. Knight Field, Tampa (TPF) - ASNV Ralph Swank: "TPF was originally the target of Charley, but the airport escaped with no damage. Many planes were moved elsewhere, mainly those in the open or in shade hangars, but we had no major wind or rain or flooding."

Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach (7FL6) - ASNV Tony Crawford: "No injuries, no aircraft damaged, just house, car, and tree damage, but nothing serious."

Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, Lakeland (LAL) - ASNV Malcolm Warren: "Although LAL had high winds due to the center of the storm passing close by [Lake Wales], there have been no reports of damage at LAL that I know about."

Sebring Regional Airport, Sebring (SEF) - ASNV Robert Wood: "SEF had only very minor damage. A couple of buildings had roof damage but none of the commercial or T-hangars were damaged nor was the terminal. Service continues here. Our neighboring airport at Avon Park did sustain some damage that I observed from a distance. One new commercial hangar and one large business jet hangar were damaged, the latter severely."

Kissimmee Gateway Airport, Kissimmee (ISM) - ASNV Kathryn Budde-Jones: "Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) was hit hard with damage to each of the five FBOs, and I estimate damage to 70 percent of the airplanes on the field. A tornado collapsed two of Ranger Aviation's three hangars, destroying many of the planes stored inside of them for safekeeping from the storm. The Warbird Adventures T-6 operation based at the field lost two T-6 Texans and two Bell 47 helicopters in that hangar. Kissimmee Aviation had substantial damage to its hangars and aircraft. Marathon Aviation lost its South Hangar; Sunstate Aviation lost its maintenance hangar and a dozen or more of its flight training planes. The Flying Tigers Warbird Restoration Museum lost 40 feet of its hangar and restoration facility, but the B-17 and B-25 survived intact. The C-47 sustained damaged when it lifted up during the storm and then landed on the three trucks that were weighting it down."

Wachula Municipal, Wachula (CHN) - ASNV Bill Mulcay: "No damage to runways, taxiways, etc., but found hangar doors blown away, aircraft exposed."

Orlando Sanford Airport, Sanford (SFB) - ASNV Robert Caime: "Falcon Flight Center had five upside-down planes; Delta had one upside-down plane and several with wing damage; Avion Center had seven aircraft in the hangar damaged; 20 T-hangars damaged. SFB was closed for 18 hours. The FAA had no ILS for three days. There was no damage to the control tower. The StarPort Center is heavily damaged. The estimate of damage at SFB is $4 million to $5 million."

August 19, 2004

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