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Moving day pushed back for San Diego pilotsMoving day pushed back for San Diego pilots

Moving day pushed back for San Diego pilots

Aircraft owners who hangar their aircraft at San Diego's McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) have been given a reprieve of sorts. Their eviction has been delayed until September 30, giving them an additional 30 days. And the FAA has agreed to an expedited decision on the formal Part 16 complaint alleging that the soon-to-be displaced hangar tenants are being discriminated against.

AOPA has been working closely with Rick Baker, AOPA's Airport Support Network volunteer at CRQ, providing advice and guidance and interceding with the FAA for quick action on the complaint. Palomar Airport Center had given pilots eviction notices on short advance warning. The company intends to demolish existing T-hangars and replace them with large hangars for corporate aircraft. (See " San Diego pilots protest eviction notices.")

Late last week, Palomar Airport Center, which holds the master lease for the T-hangars, tiedowns, and office buildings at the center of the airport, agreed to a 30-day extension. In exchange, a group of affected aircraft owners, Pacific Coast Flyers, has put its request for a federal temporary restraining order on temporary hold.

"This extension does not affect the pending Part 16 complaint," said Ronald Cozad, attorney for Pacific Coast Flyers, "but it does allow much-needed time for all involved to sort things out."

August 31, 2004

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