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Florida governor protects airport by vetoing billFlorida governor protects airport by vetoing bill

Florida governor protects airport by vetoing bill

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush recently vetoed a bill that would have permitted construction of a school underneath the approach path to Miami International Airport. In a letter of thanks to the governor, AOPA President Phil Boyer wrote, "Your veto message underscores the common-sense rationale for compatible land-use planning around airports: 'The state's overarching policy presumes the paramount importance of protecting our children and teachers by forbidding construction of schools under flight paths.'"

Florida law prohibits the construction of schools within airport flight paths and certain noise zones. But local school officials sought a legislative exemption from that law to build a school near Miami International. AOPA Regional Representative Nelson Rhodes worked with Florida Department of Transportation officials to encourage the governor to veto the bill.

"The bill would have gutted Section 333 of the Florida statutes and opened the door to others seeking legislative exemption to build schools in conflict with compatible land-use planning around airports," said Rhodes. "It was a tough decision for Gov. Bush because there is limited space to build new schools. But he stood up for aviation in Florida."

July 12, 2004

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