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Florida governor protects airport by vetoing billFlorida governor protects airport by vetoing bill

July 9, 2004

Honorable Jeb Bush
Executive Office of the Governor
400 S. Monroe Street
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

Dear Governor Bush:

On behalf of the more than 400,000 AOPA members nationwide, including nearly 30,000 in the State of Florida, I want to thank and commend you for your veto of Senate Bill 2572, which would have allowed construction of a school under the approach path to Miami International Airport.

Your veto message underscores the common-sense rationale for compatible land-use planning around airports: "The state's overarching policy presumes the paramount importance of protecting our children and teachers by forbidding construction of schools under flight paths." This mirrors a similar situation currently pending in Titusville, Florida, which we and your state Transportation department are vigorously opposing.

Again, thank for your bold and prudent action vetoing SB 2572. We intend to share your message with aviation and government decision-makers nationwide. Please count on us to assist you in protecting the citizens of Florida from incompatible land use around airports, the cornerstone of your state's economy.


Phil Boyer

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