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Sport Pilot PTS available onlineSport Pilot PTS available online

Sport Pilot PTS available online

The Sport Pilot Practical Test Standards (PTS) have just been released. Along with the procedures already in place for student sport pilot applications and the availability of knowledge test questions, the new standards provide key information that flight instructors need to train students.

"Flight instructors need to know to what standards to train their students for the sport pilot certificate," said Rob Hackman, manager of AOPA's regulatory and certification policy. "Now that the practical test standards are available online, they can easily and quickly refer to them at any time."

The practical test standards for sport pilot airplane, gyroplane, glider, airship, balloon, weight shift control, powered parachute, and flight instructor are available online at AOPA's sport pilot Web page and from the FAA. These documents could be updated and corrected as the sport pilot program progresses. The private pilot weight shift control and powered parachute PTS should be available to the public sometime in January.

Now that the practical test standards for the sport pilot certificate are out, the FAA is preparing its designated pilot examiners. The first class, composed of eight individuals, will complete the sport pilot examiner initial course January 17 through 22.

"Sport pilot is moving toward full implementation, and updates to the program are coming almost weekly," Hackman said. " AOPA's sport pilot page is the best resource to use to stay current with the latest information. And the technical specialists in AOPA's Pilot Information Center (800/USA-AOPA) are prepared to answer any sport pilot questions."

December 29, 2004

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