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Pilots, make your voice heard - vote!Pilots, make your voice heard - vote!

Pilots, make your voice heard - vote!
AOPA Online will provide expert analysis of election returns

As an AOPA member, you are key to AOPA's political strength. With more than 400,000 members representing votes in nearly every congressional district, we are an organization that can't be easily ignored. Your voice joins with hundreds of thousand of other AOPA pilots/members and allows our lobbying in the nation's capital to be loudly heard.

On Tuesday, make sure your voice is heard. Your vote is a precious commodity; use it wisely on all of the issues and candidates you consider important.

AOPA Online will be following closely the election returns affecting general aviation, as well as those for the Presidency. As those races are decided, AOPA's legislative and government experts will be analyzing the results and reporting here on what the elections mean for general aviation. Check back often!

November 1, 2004

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