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AOPA helps derail two anti-pilot measures in MarylandAOPA helps derail two anti-pilot measures in Maryland

Mar. 25, 2004 — Insiders at the Maryland state capitol now say two anti-pilot measures being considered by the legislature are unlikely to pass before lawmakers adjourn in mid-April, thanks to AOPA's on-the-ground presence at the state capitol.

In a recent trip to the capitol, AOPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative Chris Hudson met with several legislators, including pilots Delegate J. B. Jennings (R-Baltimore) and Senator John Astle (D-Anne Arundel), to discuss a bill (HB 84) that would impose a tax on several aviation services including hangars, and another (HB 1041) that would form a task force to report on general aviation issues in the state that could have led to calls for new restrictions or unnecessary requirements.

AOPA Manager of State Affairs Keith Holt also traveled to Annapolis, testifying before the House Environmental Matters Committee against HB 1041. He told committee members that a task force to study general aviation issues was unnecessary because AOPA could easily provide much of the requested information without involving a task force made up of citizens who may have predisposed feelings against aviation.


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