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Interim procedures for student sport pilot applicationsInterim procedures for student sport pilot applications

Interim procedures for student sport pilot applications

The FAA began accepting applications for student sport pilot certificates this week, but there is one small problem - they don't have the application form yet, nor is the policy on issuing certificates ready for FAA safety inspectors or designated pilot examiners (DPEs).

So the FAA is working around it. Student sport pilots should complete FAA Form 8710-1 (there's a copy on AOPA's Flight Training Web site). Check the "other" box at the top and write in "sport pilot."

Inspectors and DPEs should follow the guidance for issuing a student pilot certificate from the appropriate chapter in either FAA Order 8700.1 or 8710.3. They also should brief the student on the limits of a sport pilot student as defined in 14 CFR 61.89(c).

The FAA now anticipates that the new Sport Pilot Airman Application (FAA Form 8710-11) and appropriate endorsements will be available in January.

November 19, 2004

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